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Shonna Drew

Shonna Drew

Shonna Drew

Shonna Drew
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About the Artist

Self-taught, emerging, contemporary artist, Shonna Drew, developed her fascination with art as a child growing up in New York. She received early inspiration from her mother, an artist, with a degree in art education. Shonna’s mother fueled her budding desire to create.  Shonna completed a 23-piece mixed media series in 2014, titled “Birds of a Feather,” and more than half sold before she finished the last one.

Before her art career began, Shonna worked in the fashion industry in New York City for nearly a decade.  She later worked as a stylist while finding time to travel and tour with her fiancé, Kevin Rudolf, renowned singer-songwriter, artist and producer. Together, they moved seven times in seven years, bouncing between the East and West Coasts with little notice or plan. By the time the couple landed in Nashville in 2014, Shonna was 6 months pregnant with their first child. Within months she gave birth to son Miles—his name invoking endless motion like the signature butterflies in his  mother’s paintings.

Now in her Miami studio, which is where Shonna currently calls home, she has been   combining her experience of art and fashion, and is in the process of launching  her  own clothing line. She is also busy completing her latest collection, titled, “Just Love Me”. This collection will be exhibited in New York City, March, 2018. 

The mom and artist regards her paintings as visual personality extensions — sparkly metallics, reflecting the inner girl contrasted fearlessly with darkened silhouettes, expressing the unfettered, independent woman who discovered her artistic voice. Shonna, like her art, embraces beautiful contradictions.




Via Moda - American Girl Series - December 2017 Weston, FL

Wynwood Cafe - Ignite - October 2017 Miami, FL

Park Avenue Skin Solutions - Lips Series- December 2016 New York, NY

Art Basel 2016 - Wynwood Play-in - December 2016 Miami, FL

Art Basel 2015 - Fridge Festival - December 2015 Miami, FL

Casa "Voices for Children" - Birds of a Feather -  May 2015 Nashville, TN

Power of the Purse - Birds of a Feather - April 2015 Nashville, TN



Shonna Drew’s paintings are in private collections throughout Canada and the U.S, including New York City, Nashville, Miami, Palm Beach, The Hamptons, Minnesota, Los Angeles, San Diego, Boston, and Georgetown.