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Rikke Darling

Rikke Darling

Rikke Darling

Rikke Darling
Copenhagen, Denmark
+45 28911998

Strandboulevarden 67
2100 Copenhagen

Instagram: @artistrikkedarling
Facebook: Studio Rikke Darling



About the Artist

In her art, Rikke Darling seeks for the unknown mysteries in life, considering all life forms as basically the same - coming from the same ground material. She is looking for the principle of balance in nature and invites the viewer for a journey through inner and outer spaces. The macrocosm is reflected by the microcosm, structures outside relate to structures inside. Life forms consist of structures, that life itself is structuring. Life is a process, so is art. As she says: “It’s all about life.”


Upcoming Exhibitions & Fairs

-    ARTe, Stuttgart, Germany February 28 – March 4.
-    Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy 17-22 april


Gallery Openings & Special Events

-    Gallery ArtCompaz, Frederiksberg, Denmark opening December 8
-    Gallery Beck, Bronderslev, Denmark, opening December 7

Artists Represented

The artist is represented by Directed Art Modern, Miami, FL.